H2K Lifecycle Model

As every product goes through a lifecycle, each organisation lives through various stages.
In each stage we can support you from a first analysis until the final implementation.

1 Professionalising

You have started well. Your product is on the market, a new business unit or a new company has been founded. We support you in professionalising sales, marketing, finance, HR and organisational development. Together with your team we optimise processes and structures with a focus on sustainable growth. We support you with analytical input, tools and  years of experience – strategically and operationally.


2 Performance management

Every organisation hides untapped potentials. A profound analysis from an external perspective highlights the opportunities. Based on this we develop proposals to maximise existing opportunities using proven tools and methodologies (like our extensive experience with KPI management and balanced scorecards).


3 Repositioning

The economic environment is always changing – sometimes gradually, sometimes from one day to the next. It may be difficult to accept that strategies that were the basis of success yesterday, are not working today. In order to open up to new approaches, a respectful yet critical evaluation of the current strategy is essential. This evaluation is ideally provided by an outsider with a fresh, neutral perspective, but a good understanding of your business. A profound internal company and external market analysis is a prerequisite. Involving your employees ensures success in implementing the necessary change – sustainably.


4 Reorganisation

If a business unit or company is already in regression, keeping the balance between speed and sustainability is most critical. Together with you we analyse root causes and potentials. We advise regarding the optimisation of your organisation & cost structure and help to improve process efficiency and effectiveness. We provide our tools and experience for a successful reorganisation.


5 Financial restructuring

We provide you a  profound analysis of root causes and consequences focussing on your organisation and the market environment. Together we develop actions for the immediate implementation (e.g. measures to protect liquidity) and concepts for a new orientation and a healthy, long-term business survival. We provide proven tools to steer your business and– if requested – we will stand with you in the frontline putting agreed actions into reality (including negotiations with external partners).